It is a pleasure to have you here and to show you the magical world of floral and decorative greens. It is our pleasure to help you connect with the essence of nature, and it is our mission to make your environment more livable and to thrill your soul with beauty.


We are specialists in greenery, we import, cultivate and produce with the best standards and procedures.

Growing and harvest process.

We have a wide variety of products that are selectively grown and selected to meet the standard and quality control of our products.


We have production lines with extended hours to guarantee the fulfillment and satisfaction of our clients. Both for small and large supermarket chains.


Leather Leaf is grown in California & Florida available year round. It is shiny, dark green with strong long lasting foliage. Leather Leaf has a flexible stem. This makes it an excellent base for floral arrangements. There are 10 stems in a bunch. The full bulk case has 50 bunches in the box.


Medium monstera leaves are available year-round and sold by the stem. The medium size are approximately 13-16″ wide. Please order at least a week in advance.


Monstera is one of our star or best-selling products, thanks to its large size and durability it can be used in a very striking combination for the creation of Bouquets.


The shiny and dense dark green foliage works well in wreaths, topiaries and as a hearty floral filler. Available from November-May. Stems are 20-25″ tall and they are in a grower’s bunch of 4-7 stems. Long lasting cut as long as kept moist.


Boxwood is our seasonal product, as it is the perfect complement for the production of mini trees and arrangements for Thanksgiving and Christmas.